Demo seed potatoes

You are growing seed potatoes and the following cultivars are available:

  • Bintje (susceptible to all pathotypes of the potato cyst nematode)
  • Innovator (susceptible to G. rostochiensis (pathotypes A, B and C), highly resistant to G. pallida (pathotypes D and E).


Field 1

  • Last soil fumigation carried out in 2004.
  • Last potato crop (Bintje) in 2007.
  • After the 2007 crop a voluntary AMI (PCN Intensive) sampling was carried out (about 6.5 kg soil from 1 ha). One viable potato cyst (G. pallida) was detected.
  • In February 2010 the field was sampled once more using the statutory Amex600: 1 ha soil sampling method (600 ml soil from 1 ha) and the field was officially declared PCN free.
  • You grow seed potatoes in a 1:3 crop rotation.

How does your seed potato growing programme look like for the first 4 years?

  Control 2009 Potato cultivation 2010 Control 2010 Potato cultivation 2013
Plan A None Bintje None Bintje
Plan B None Bintje Monam (rotodigger) Bintje
Plan C None Innovator None Bintje
Plan D Monam (rotodigger) Innovator None Bintje


Compare chances of formal scheduling of the four scenarios