NemaDecide is a unique advisory system for the control of nematodes. The program is the result of the combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience to support farmers and their advisors in order to keep fields free from pathogenic nematodes, or when such nematodes have been detected, to get the nematode population to below detection levels or manage them to non-damaging levels.

NemaDecide answers practical questions of farmers. The program has been improved and adjusted to meet requests from farmers and advisors. The program enables advisors to prepare rapidly and simply an advisory report with tables, graphs and comparisons for direct use by the grower.

NemaDecide PCN has been used since 2006. The program uses easily readable and attractive pictures to support growers and their advisors to control potato cyst nematodes. The new PCN version can also make calculations for mixed infestations of the two types of potato cyst nematodes. 

NemaDecide Plus not only advises on the control of the potato cyst nematode but can also compute scenarios for the control of the root lesion nematode, the root-knot nematode and for combinations of infestations by these nematodes.